Kuruvi – Wat a ripp !

18 05 2008

Anyone seen Blood Diamond..that 2006 Ed Zwick movie starring Di Caprio. Now consider an Indian version centred around one of the most happening locations in Andhra Pradesh called Cudappah .. . … And nobody, i mean absolutely nobody had realised that “Kimberley Quality” diamonds are found there before these wise men did. Add to this Desi Khoon Heera / Raththa Vairam a dash of Casino Royale… the last bond flick…Oh my god what a ripp! .. The elevator scene…. we can play ’em side by side and try noticing 6 differences. All that apart, I must say Trisha is some brilliant Eye Candy with her new tattoo and lower necklines to well … apart from the usual purpose ,to in fact make the tattoo visible.
The tamil movie watcher would say that the Violence is disturbing and the killings are too brutal etc etc… and i would say ” Hell Yeah!” . ..but we must come into grips with the fact that its a rip of Blood Diamond…have you even seen that movie ??? there is very little diamond in Blood Diamond..if I may put it that way.
But, with all that killing and all those weird weapons used one would think they should have named it ( from Trisha’s perspective): ” How i married an axe murderer:2″…(or did she..i don really remember!)




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30 05 2008
Hariharan Sriram

i’d like to bring to your notice a rather exceptional scene in Vijaykanth’s latest flick Arasanagam.

The villain rips open the body of a man and happily putting his hand into the dead body takes out a diamond fully soaked in blood (obviously) and exclaims.. (no prizes for guessing) “BLOOD DIAMOND”. Beat that!!

14 07 2008

Dai..I actually had people telling me that it’s an awesome movie….Besides, it’s always rated in the Top3 in Sun’s Top10 Movies. However, I didn’t watch it coz I don’t like Vijay’s movies..if you’ve seen one…you’ve seen them all.

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