Light from this side of the tunnel

15 06 2008

In another 40 hours or so one Video Cam will go where nothing has gone before,…My Nose, Of course barring the occasional fly and that pen cap when I was 4…. Euww? I know, even I sympathise with the cam. But you must understand that these cams are also inserted into some unspeakable (unsmellable rather) holes. I just wish that that particular instrument hasn’t been anywhere else on its journey called life for I might be woken up midway through the procedure from general anasthesia.The past few days I’ve been walkin around with my hands together.. as an attempt to keep all fingers crossed (Figured its not possible with my toes..i tried !).

Its supposedly a procedure called FESS. They will have a look at the insides of my head with a cam attached to one end of a rod shived up my nostril and then remove matter from the 8 cavities in the skull called sinuses. I’m just praying they do not remove the little matter that there is from the other “almost” cavity-there’s another blog post stored there.




7 responses

15 06 2008
kaushik ram

u know wat?
egyptians used to suck the brain out through the nostrils to prepare the mummy ๐Ÿ™‚

18 06 2008

ha ha….manish that ought to have scared u….

20 06 2008

i had my adenoids removed…

not pleasant.

23 06 2008

muddman? Dei this is clear pliagarisingationage.

Anyway, best of luck with the not so candid camera.. just don’t upload the pics on orkut or facebook ๐Ÿ˜›

30 06 2008
Mottled mosaic

somethin went wrong with brain durin operation? then u n me both!

5 07 2008

madaan..thot me made it clear sayin its the nose and not some other orifice .. n so i am planning to put up the pics and don worry ill tag u

surgery had been indefinitely postponed.. and so was the brain screw will take me a while to catch up with u ๐Ÿ™‚

14 07 2008

BTW: You were atleast 6 when the pen cap incident occurred…and that wasn’t the only thing they removed from your nose….

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