15 09 2008

Warning:This post is just to update my blog. For the junta ( million+) who have subscribed to my blog, it would be a let down to repeatedly log on to their reader/feeds and wait and crave for my next post. Hence, here it is !. For the others who came here by mistake, I suggest you Click Here , yes, I am programmor am programmar write code,and yes, English is one of the few syntaxes I don’t know. ( Or was it Language?).

The other day when Nicole Vaidisova was on TV ( I obviously do not remember the event, because I had very little time to notice that), I was wondering what she would look like in a sari(,in general and madisar in specific.)As the thought built up , I wondered what her name would be and thus was born this “Yet another crappy” blogpost.

Likely Tambrahm Names of Highly Untambrahm humans.

Nicole Vaidisova : Nirmala Vaidyanathan. (The Vaidyanathan was a duh ! )
Venus Williams : Veena Vinayakam
Serena Williams : Shanti Vinayakam
Martina Navratilova : Mala the Navarathri Lover.
Burt Reynolds : Bharath Ranganathan
Bart Simpson : Bharath. S ( Simple.)
W.P.U.J.C.Vaas : Ranjiv Ravi Raghavan RajaGopalan Rajam Iyengar
Andy Roddick : R.Anand
Richard Krajicek : R. Karthik
Stanley Kubrick : S.Karthik
Mikhail Kalashnikov : M. Karthik
Ray Romano : Raja Ramana
Harry Houdini : Hariharan

Please come up with more, put it up in the comments ( plan ! 😉 ) .
Here’s leaving you with a quote from my favourite Radio Ad
“Suppose yuwar rich father in laa kaals you Eediat. Yu waant to kill him na? No. Forgive him. Vai he is kaaling names? Becos you could nat give yuwar wife haeppiness. Make situation baetar by buying apaartment aet *** *** *** , Yelahanka, the fastest growing part of the city today becos of new Aerpoart. Today If you buy apaartment for 3500 par square foot, tomaaro it will touch the sky, so BUY”

PS: Thank you CIC rep vivek for wearing that red programmer tee.




8 responses

15 09 2008

Dei, stress the last part da… “…tomorrow eet will touch the SKHY

20 09 2008
Hariharan Sriram

given the mindset of the modern day females, navartrilova could translate to navaratna lover.. which female these days loves navratri.. sigh.. all the paavada davani sporting days are long gone..

22 09 2008

Nalbandian – Nallapandian
Waugh – Vaughan (Heh.)

22 09 2008

Heh… the tamil news channels were often heard using “NallPaandian” ..but Vaughans a good one !!

30 09 2008

Andrew Symonds – AAndipatti Saivapillai

6 10 2008
kaushik ram

wal mart – vaalai maram
chandler bing – chandramouli B N

13 10 2008

Great one da…

Joining in the proselytism…

Armageddon; Aravamudhan

12 Angry men: 12 Jangry Men

The Prestige: Prestige Padhmanabhan

Patton: Pattu N.

Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory: Vichu thatha & Shama Sastry

Some like it hot: Sathumadhu bath

OMG the list seems endless, I smell a religious conspiracy, Jesus! ( G. Susa ?)

5 12 2008

Lord Mountbatten – Lord Labakudas

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