This is Lumbar Puncture

27 08 2008

I have just wasted another 2 hours of my life.(And am prepared to waste more by writing about it. )

“This is Spinal Tap” is a Rockumental Mockumentary . The movie begins when a guy – moustache growing, slow speaking, boring environment developing and Michael Moore looking – introduces the “rockumentary” and we (obviously) tend to accept him as a harmless documentarian.
The story is a touching tale of how 2 poor friends fight against all odds to become the most successful rock band in history ( NOT! ) . It is in fact actually about how a band’s music gets from bad to worse to worsest(ershire). It chronicles the life of a typical heavy metal band through its many stages – lost popularity , piss off manager, girlfriend politics ( aka figura paatha odana frienda cut pannardu , translated : figure sighting => friend ejection.),groupies, lack of grey cells, further damage of grey cells thanks to drugs, even further damage of grey cells owing to bad music, mysterious deaths ( choking on vomit becoming the order of the day for musicians), miserable punch lines, failed stage antics , jam packed audiences (lol), long antique hair, twisted lyrics, lack of general knowledge and even star status in Japan ( Rajini ishtyle! )etc.

All that apart, the fine line of mockery that runs through the theme of the flick is not lost on the audience. Though subtle, at many points it has quite an impact. If the same film was made as a 90s sitcom, it would’ve had a perpetual laughing machine playing in the background, but the ambience and the literal seriousness portrayed after every funny scene makes you think twice about laughing.
Some parts of the movie that I found interesting :

Nigel (lead Guitarist) shows off his new amps to the mockumentarian ( no pun intended) : ” This one is special because , as you can see, the numbers all go till 11…….means it is 1 louder than the others .”
Mock(kai)mentarian : ” But one can just make the 10 louder” ( and hence make the maximum sound equal the one this can produce)
Nigel: “but this one goes to 11 !” ( Refer Video : Heights of stupidity, the BBC iPlayer has a volume slider that goes from 0 to 11 – True story)
Spinal Tap 11
Also, the fundae about how the succession of drummers have died under odd circumstances : one in a “bizarre gardening accident”; another “choked on vomit,” (although it was never determined whose vomit it was, as “you can’t really dust for vomit”), and a third from apparent spontaneous human combustion onstage, leaving only a small green “globule” on his drum throne (yet another drummeralso spontaneously combusted during the course of the fakumentary).

The movie also has a number of subtle references to the rock and roll scene at the time. Nigel and David , to me, make a duo much like Page and Plant in terms of looks and band member portfolio{ I am wrong according to Wiki !! ( but I can become right ! Alo would know best about this :)} . Yet, David is very much like Plant : his look, his accent, his behaviour etc.
Another allusion can be seen in the song “Big Bottom” by Spinal Tap , very evidently a take off on “Fat bottom girls” by Queen.

My opinion is that Almost Famous is miles better than ” This is Spinal Tap” . But considering the fact that the feel of a documentary was to be given, this was a great effort ( aka well tried) .

Moorumentarian : ” So there actually was a saint by the name of David Hubbins? “
David : ” Yeah. The patron saint of quality footwear .”


Kuruvi – Wat a ripp !

18 05 2008

Anyone seen Blood Diamond..that 2006 Ed Zwick movie starring Di Caprio. Now consider an Indian version centred around one of the most happening locations in Andhra Pradesh called Cudappah .. . … And nobody, i mean absolutely nobody had realised that “Kimberley Quality” diamonds are found there before these wise men did. Add to this Desi Khoon Heera / Raththa Vairam a dash of Casino Royale… the last bond flick…Oh my god what a ripp! .. The elevator scene…. we can play ’em side by side and try noticing 6 differences. All that apart, I must say Trisha is some brilliant Eye Candy with her new tattoo and lower necklines to well … apart from the usual purpose ,to in fact make the tattoo visible.
The tamil movie watcher would say that the Violence is disturbing and the killings are too brutal etc etc… and i would say ” Hell Yeah!” . ..but we must come into grips with the fact that its a rip of Blood Diamond…have you even seen that movie ??? there is very little diamond in Blood Diamond..if I may put it that way.
But, with all that killing and all those weird weapons used one would think they should have named it ( from Trisha’s perspective): ” How i married an axe murderer:2″…(or did she..i don really remember!)