Consequences of ‘anal’ysis

18 10 2008

I realised this sometime when I was in school :

Loo winds and Anal kaathu (Tamil for Hot Wind) mean the same thing , in more than one way. Brilliant !


I im Weasel

26 05 2008

I have a story to tell … but i’m gonna write it.

In every man’s life there comes a time when he feels on top of the world ( i don mean Hillary-Norgay types), when everyone else’s achievements are made to look insignificant, when a Led Zeppelin is made to look like a Green Day, when nothing can possibly go wrong in his life for the next few months.

A few months back, something very different happened to me.

There are these 6 institutes in our country called …well lets just call them X for now. The Xs are supposedly the best set of institutes in India when it comes to ..lets say Y education. ( No this is not a Saarang quiz question). Now, to select people for this program, they conduct a common admission test called…say … *pussy*.
*pussy* is supposed to be very difficult to clear and well many people have tried and failed.. you know…just like the rubik’s cube…or bennyboy in stick cricket…or beating me one on one at DotA. And as a result, there are around *Avogadro’s number goes here* institutes and individuals that offer training to crack the *pussy* and get into an X. ( there are other institutions that offer the vice versa but we’ll save that topic for later.)
Even i joined the bandwagon ( where bandwagon= S.P.A.C.E) thanks to some pichai scholarship test. Quoting S.P.A.C.E : ” 5150% of the X students are from S.P.A.C.E.“.

We had classes on campus every week…supposedly. I don’t even know which day of the week. But i took up their “Increase your probability of hitting the” *pussy* set of 20 tests quite sincerely.

After each test , my equally hard working friends and I would discuss the paper and then take an oath ( every time) to work our asses off for the *pussy*.. ( sounds weird when put like that )

Anyways, as you would expect, we did not and as you would not expect, I was actually lucky enough to get *pussy* .. err i mean crack it. ( These are times when you realise you must have used another variable , but you don’t really have the patience to read through your own boring blog and change every occurrence of it)

This meant that I would receive 6 Kais( Tamil for hands..say) from the Xs. But what it would also mean is that …quote me on this one … !*pussy* is not everything !…these Xs have interviews 😦 . . . ( Sad music please !!)

Thats where this part of my 2 part blog will end…

P.S. : I was also given nicknames like X Legend ( A rip off from a very current Will Smith movie at that time ) and … almost everyone i knew said ” All 6 X Kais n all …stud !” etc… At a friend’s brothers wedding .. the friend introduced us to his whole family…like this : ” This is blablah, this is his twin brother Blublah, this is Potato (edited owing to racism allegations 🙂 , this is Manish and he got all 6 X Kais”. … In case you are still wondering this story does have a sad ending…

As the great Lord Tennyson put it ” Ava Myna da , Ava Myna da
Ava Naina ta maatina kaima da !”