That Noosepaper Item

10 08 2008

A few days ago I read an article in the TOI Bangalore edition that talks about 3 fat ladies. Considering that it was TOI, one would have expected a gossip column about Khushboo or how Bipasha Basu complains about her weight. But , to my surprise and (lack of) delight it was about the date 08-08-08.

The quoting starteth : ” Such dates occur rarely, mostly once in a millennium “…”There may not be any religious or astrological connotations to Friday’s palindrome date. But then, this is something that will not come until the next millennium”
I have a few questions : Do we reach the next millennium in another hundred years? Or does mi-len-nium mean one-hun-dred in latin??

Purpose behind the Inquisition : Many of us might not live long enough to see the 8th of August 2108 owing to increasing terrorist activity, increasing murders of daughters and servants, skyrocketing stats of death owing to alcohol overdose and well, increasing age and the consequent complications.
But, tell me if I’m wrong (click on the 0 comments link a few centimeters below.. please.. and I’d be happy if you cant find it 🙂 , when you write this date in the dd-mm-yy format ( or the 3!-1 other formats considering the 2 ds and the 2 ms and the 2 ys prefer to stay together), doesn’t the date resemble a 08-08-08 ?. Again, when the date does arrive, will we be in the next millennium ?

Waitees, the blog post ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.
So thats that about 08-08-2108. Oops, what about 2208, and 2308 and 2n08 (n E Z , n>3, n <10 ) ??

On the contrary I can think of one point of view that not only makes Mr.Author human ( from amoeba thalamoid ,atom cerebroid gorrilanus) but a genius , is that the very idea of fixing when a millennium starts or ends has no sanctity attached to it.Who knows when the world began? Was it 4.5 Billion years ago? So that would imply it began during the year (4.5bn-2008) B.C ?
All right, so you say its the Birth of Christ that defines the zero on our scale? May be Mr. Author uses a different scale, may be he is not Christian or perhaps he’s not a fan of Pope Gregory. To beat it all ( read : kill it all/ own it all) he could be a Brahmin Iyer ( read : Palakkad Brahmin Iyer) , which implies there is no way he cannot be a genius. So, he probably has his own calendar, his own milestones, his own measurements. In the authorian calendar, the millennium may start on the 9th of August every thousand years or may be each gregorian year equals a hundred authorian years.

Ok gtg, the song “Kungumappotin Mangalam” is on air. So blog post is over ! ( why?)


Kuruvi – Wat a ripp !

18 05 2008

Anyone seen Blood Diamond..that 2006 Ed Zwick movie starring Di Caprio. Now consider an Indian version centred around one of the most happening locations in Andhra Pradesh called Cudappah .. . … And nobody, i mean absolutely nobody had realised that “Kimberley Quality” diamonds are found there before these wise men did. Add to this Desi Khoon Heera / Raththa Vairam a dash of Casino Royale… the last bond flick…Oh my god what a ripp! .. The elevator scene…. we can play ’em side by side and try noticing 6 differences. All that apart, I must say Trisha is some brilliant Eye Candy with her new tattoo and lower necklines to well … apart from the usual purpose ,to in fact make the tattoo visible.
The tamil movie watcher would say that the Violence is disturbing and the killings are too brutal etc etc… and i would say ” Hell Yeah!” . ..but we must come into grips with the fact that its a rip of Blood Diamond…have you even seen that movie ??? there is very little diamond in Blood Diamond..if I may put it that way.
But, with all that killing and all those weird weapons used one would think they should have named it ( from Trisha’s perspective): ” How i married an axe murderer:2″…(or did she..i don really remember!)